Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Peony 牡丹の花

Peony;Paeonia suffruticosa  牡丹の花


Have you ever seen Botan(Paeonia suffruticosa)flower?

It is blooming Spring and Fall.

This is the words that compared a characteristic of the way of blooming of these flowers to the beauty of the woman.
If "I stand peony, if I sit down a peony, the walking figure lily"

In the Chinese Korean Peninsulas, it is significance of the faith.
It is one of the flowers liked very much.
It is a flower meaning wealthy and happiness.
It is also called King of Flower in Asia.
中国 朝鮮半島などでは、信仰の意味合いから大変好まれる花の一つであります。
幸福 富貴などを意味する花です。 その意味から花の王者とも言われています。

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