Monday, May 16, 2011

My favorite lamps.


Today I introduce you my favorite lighting in our store!

No.1 Trorato table lamp($205)
No.1 トロラト テーブルランプ

It has an unique style and it can be fit in traditional Japanese room and also modern style room. put this lamp in to your room and enjoy the modern/japanese taste!

No.2 Bellows Tree Floor Lamp($250)
No.2 べローズ ツリー フロア ランプ

It looks like a lantern tree! It can fit in and add accernt in to your room hallway, or entrance!

No.3 Floor lamp($285)
No.3 フロアランプ

This remains me of Japanese festival! in Matsuri, there are many lanterns like this.
It can used in your room accent and also I recomend to restaurant lighting!

Which lamp do you like the best?

Please come and check in our store.

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