Tuesday, May 24, 2011

柿渋染めPersimmon tannin dye

Will you know persimmon tannin dye, everybody?

I introduce the persimmon tannin which attracted attention as a nature material now.

The persimmon tannin loses the blue astringent persimmon which does not yet become ripe. And it is the brown liquid which let the liquid which it compresses it and got ferment.

Thus, it was superior in waterproofness ,antisepsis and insecticide! People are familiar with it for a long time, and it was wide as life material, and it has been used.

The another name "sun dyeing" and develop by dealing with light of the sun and deepen the hue.

In late years it is estimated as the paint which does not cause a sickhouse symptom.

And it was known recently that the ingredient called "the persimmon Tannin" included in the persimmon had deodorization, a sterilization effect for a long time. Persimmon juice soap seems to become the extreme popularity as aging odors measures using this effect.

Persimmon is not only eat, but also we can use so many ways.

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