Wednesday, June 8, 2011

梅雨前線East Asian rainy season


Over the summer, it is the season when rain and thunder increase from now on.

At this time, there is the word to be called Baiu-zensen in Japan.

With "Baiu(-zensen)", We watch it in the Japanese Islands except Hokkaido from the late spring to the summer. I say cloudy weather and the time when a lot of rainy days appear. It says the time when there are many cloudy weather and rainy days.
From Wiki;During the late spring and early summer between eastern China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. The wet season ends during the summer when the subtropical ridge becomes strong enough to push this front north of the region.

There seems to be totally Hawaii in Baiu-zensen of Japan now.

A lot of rain falls after spring, and a summer flower begins to bloom.

日本の四季は美しいですね。What a beautiful Japanese seasons are!

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雨の多い季節、お部屋に花を飾って雰囲気を明るくしてみてはいかがでしょうか?Would you like to have change in your room atmosphere more?

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