Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to clean Tatami mats 畳のお手入方法

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Today I would like to explain how to clean Tatami mats.



How to clean Tatami mats.


In general, tatami mats should not be vacuumed.
If you must vacuum the tatami mats, vacuum them along, not against, the line of the fibers. Same as using or soft broom .
Sweep in one direction, and continue until all dirt is removed.


The best way to clean a tatami mat is to dampen a clean soft cloth with clean water and wipe the mat gently along the line of the fibers. Cleaned in this way, they will last much longer.
Be particularly careful when cleaning the cloth borders.
Never use any kind of chemical cleaning agent on any part of a tatami mat.


As much as possible, avoid spilling water or other liquids on your tatami mats.
If you should spill something, wipe it up immediately and dry the mat well.
If the mat is soaking wet, remove it and dry it outdoors.


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